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Dec 22, 2014


President's Message

I am delighted to welcome you to our virtual home, the Afreximbank Website. As our virtual home, we have taken steps to give it a face-lift so that over time, it can continue to reflect that outstanding quality and excellence which the Bank stands for. Our first time visitors can expect the broad range of services and information that a first time visitor to our physical offices will expect. Repeat guests who are already familiar with the site will discover that every visit creates a new excitement, a range of business opportunities and new trove of information that make our website not only a home but also a true resource for good. I am confident that visitors will find our redesigned home quite enriching and you can be rest assured that we will be always available to listen to any suggestions you may have for its further improvement.

During this visit, you will have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about Afreximbank, ranging from its historical antecedents, its corporate structure and product offerings. In fact, you will be able to apply for any of its services. Beyond that, you have available to you a whole lot of reading materials and data on African trade and economic development, as well as links to important related websites. We have included a search engine to enable you quickly access any specific information you need.

While on this visit, please feel free to explore, ask questions and exchange views with us. The blog facility has been carefully designed to ensure that visitors post comments and observations on issues of mutual interest. Our website is an open home dedicated to ensuring that we achieve our strategic vision of being The Trade Finance Bank For Africa. So welcome to Afreximbank, the center of excellence on African trade matters. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you think we need to do to enhance the usefulness of the website and the work we are doing.

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to receiving you again.

Jean-Louis EKRA

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