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The Role of Africa Chapter

Afreximbank is a member and also the current chair of Africa Chapter [1] of the FCI which after the merger of IFG, is the world’s largest representative body for Factoring industry with over 400 members across 90 countries.

Afreximbank and the Africa Chapter have been working with FCI to enable African banks and Factors seize the opportunities Factoring offers while at the same time mitigating the difficulties in the market.

The Africa Chapter is:

  • Facilitating the sharing of experiences between local members in Africa and Reporting on such experiences to the worldwide FCI Members [2];
  • Advancing the best interests of African members and partners Lobbying ministers, legislators, government officials and others whose decisions or advice may influence the success or otherwise of members’ and partners’ businesses;
  • Engaging in public relations activities designed to raise local awareness of the benefits of international Factoring;
  • Developing the skills of FCI members’ on Factoring in Africa through educational activities and staff exchanges;
  • Attracting new members, partners and sponsors and
  • Offering networking opportunities for members, partners and sponsors through seminars, meetings and other functions.

The Africa Chapter leverages on FCI to:

  • Connect Service providers with members and align with like-minded organisations to facilitate broader industry reach. They identify Factors that will be open to entering into Joint Venture Arrangements with Africa Chapter Members to accelerate start-up operations.
  • Educate and provide training support in order to set standards and best practice in the industry
  • Influence and Lobby on behalf of the industry – promote and defend the industry working closely with regulators and governments worldwide.