In order to assist the Bank in evaluating an application for a loan, the Bank requires that an applicant provides the following information:

General Information:

A description of the Borrower (or applicant); its legal organization; capital structure; location; size; scope and nature of major activities; principal products; history; management (attach CVs of key management staff); organizational chart; markets served; names of major buyers and suppliers (if respondent is not a bank).

Financial Information:

A brief financial history of the prospective Borrower; its audited or certified financial statements for the past three years, including the relevant notes and information on contingent liabilities; projection of capital needs, i.e., cash flow, balance sheet and profit and loss (plus the assumptions). Also provide summary of borrowing history and bank references.

Facility Request:

A description of the proposed facility stating whether it is new or an extension of an existing Facility; its purpose; amount and currency; duration and proposed security or collateral to be offered, and rationale for seeking Afreximbank support.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing(AMLTF):

The Bank complies with the best practice in KYC and AMLTF policies and procedures and applicants are expected to submit themselves to necessary Customer Due Diligence procedures as may from time to time be in force in the Bank.

All enquiries and applications should be addressed to:


Address : 72B El-Maahad El-Eshteraky Street (Opposite Merryland Park)
P. O. Box : 613 Heliopolis, Cairo 11757, Egypt
Tel : (202) 24564100/1/2/3
(202) 24515201/2
Fax : (202) 24564110
(202) 24515008
Swift : 20003 AFRXM UN
E-mail :
Website :

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