The investment Banking unit provides Advisory services to governments, corporates, banks and other institutions especially in the areas of export development, export sector reforms, privatization, equity acquisitions, mergers, project promotion, leveraged buyouts. The bank has a dedicated team specialized in equity linked solutions, accordingly, under the programme, the Bank provides:

  1. Buy/Sell side advisory;
  2. Equity capital raisings, rights issues and IPO’s;
  3. Share placements;
  4. Underwriting services for debt and equity backed by export-secured debt;
  5. Valuation of companies and preparing start-up companies for initial public offerings;
  6. Securitization of both local and/or foreign currency receivables;
  7. Brokerage services in trading carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol; and
  8. Arrangement of acquisition financing for African entrepreneurs to enable them participate in the privatization exercise, especially for export oriented companies. The Bank may fund and/or guarantee third-party lenders to the African entrepreneurs provided that there is assurance of re-financing such loans or its repayment through credible identified sources.

This product assists the bank in promoting the development of entrepreneurship in Africa and also helps in the development of the African capital markets. The Bank is focusing on deals that:

  1. Have the capacity of strengthening the export sector;
  2. Improve Africa’s infrastructure;
  3. Develop entrepreneurship and promote inflow of FDI; and
  4. Enlarge Africa’s access to international debt, FDI and portfolio investment flows.


The bank provides debt capital markets services to facilitate client’s solutions through the complete spectrum of DCM products. The DCM Team services span structured financing, private financing, sovereign financing solutions, insurance management advisory with a focus on:

a) The origination and structuring of bond solutions for: 

  1. Corporates;
  2. financial institutions;
  3. Sovereigns;
  4. Supranationals; and
  5. Agencies.

b) Assisting issuers with capital structure advisory and liability management.

c) Providing typical financing solutions including but not limited to:

  1. Acquisition financing;
  2. Mezzanine financing;
  3. Bridge financing;
  4. Pre-IPO financing;
  5. Leveraged buyouts; and
  6. Trade finance.

The DCM team also provides services in Islamic financing through the different shariah compliant financial products that cater to the different types of financing in demand. Through the bank’s experience and solid platform in Africa, the team is well positioned to assist clients in structuring and delivering innovative Islamic capital market solutions.


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