large_contractsAs a result of privatisation and the drive in many African countries to increase indigenous participation in their various economies, there is a growing demand by African entrepreneurs for financing to enable them to take advantage of the privatisation and local content promotion opportunities by acquiring physical assets.

Major areas of demand include:

  1. Oil and Gas Services where demand is usually for acquisition of vessels, rigs, platforms, barges and related equipment used in servicing oil producing companies;
  2. Mining Services where the demand is usually for heavy equipment used in land excavation;
  3. Airlines where demand is usually for airplanes;
  4. Maritime where demand is for ocean-going vessels; and
  5. Mining where assets in question are minerals under the ground, i.e. reserves.

Through this Programme, the Bank supports:

  1. African content promotion in Africa’s Oil and Gas and other mining sectors;
  2. African maritime transport, especially if targeted at carrying intra-African cargo;
  3. Intra-African railways;
  4. reserve-based lending for certain oil and gas/ mining activities; and
  5. development of African airlines in order to improve air travel in the Continent.


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