There is an urgent need for a massive investment to rebuild and modernise decaying infrastructure in many African countries, especially in those coming out of war and/or other forms of crises. The costs of the required investments are expected to run into billions of US dollars, far in excess of what many African economies can afford. One of the Bank’s activities is the promotion and dissemination of a Financial Policy that helps such governments to undertake such projects in such a manner that they do not become an undue burden to the governments. Some of such schemes usually dubbed public/private partnership projects are implemented on the basis of Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) scheme and variants thereof. To attract foreign partners to invest in such projects normally requires governments to make certain commitments that may be financial, fiscal or legal.

This programme is used to provide investors with further assurance that African governments will meet their commitments to the projects, using the Bank’s special status as support.


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